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We offer a range of services to anyone from a small company to a sole trader. Whether you simply require completion of your self assessment tax return, or completion of your statutory accounts and VAT returns, we can offer the professional advice and services that you require at an affordable price.
Jarman Accountancy - Business & Tax Solutions
At Jarman Accountancy we are committed to ensuring the growth and success of all our clients.

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Key Tax Dates

Financial calender 2008/09

Every month

  • 1st* Corporation tax due for companies that pay the tax annually with the year ending nine months and one day previously
  • 14th* Instalment of corporation tax due for large companies with year ending 15, 12, 9 and 6 months before the end of the previous month
  • 19th* Pay PAYE/NIC and CIS deductions for period ending on 5th of that month. Submit CIS contractors' monthly return
  • 22nd* Due date for payment of PAYE/NIC and CIS deductions if paying electronically
  • 30/31st* Submit CT600 for companies with year ending 12 months previously (28th for February 2008 year end). Last day to amend CT600 for year ending 24 months previously
  • 30/31st File accounts with Companies House for private companies with year ending 10 months previously and for public companies with year ending 7 months previously (28th for February 2009 for year ending 10 months (private) or 7 months (public) previously)
  • (*If the due date for payment falls on a weekend or bank holiday, payment must be made by the previous working day)

December 2008

  • 30th Last date to submit 2007/08 tax return online to have unpaid tax of up to £2,000 collected through the 2009/10 PAYE code

January 2009

  • 31st Due date for balancing payment and CGT for 2007/08 and first payment on account for 2008/09. Submit 2007/08 tax return online to avoid automatic penalty up to £100. Last date to amend 2006/07 tax return for various claims relating to earlier tax years

February 2009

  • 1st A £100 penalty if 2008 tax return not yet filed. Additional penalties may apply for further delay. Interest starts to accrue on 2007/08 tax not yet paid
  • 2nd Submit P46 (car) for quarter to 5 January 2009
  • 14th Deadline to claim deferment of class 2 and class 4 NIC for 2008/09
  • 28th Last day to pay 2007/08 tax to avoid automatic 5% surcharge

April 2009

  • 1st Small companies' CT rate 22%
  • 5th Deadline for paying into an ISA for 2008/09. Last day for making gifts with any unused IHT annual exemption for 2007/08 and for making chargeable gains to use CGT annual exemption for 2008/09

Our Services

  • Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Tax & National Ins Calculations
    (inc. Benefits in Kind etc.)
  • VAT Returns
  • Production of Year End Financial
    Results and Statutory Accounts
  • Production of Periodic Financial Results (Monthly, Quarterly etc.)
  • Cashflow Management & Reporting
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Periodic Management Accounts
    (measuring performance versus budget etc)
  • Balance Sheet Control Account Reconciliations
  • Maintenance of Fixed Asset Register
  • Analysis & Review of all Costs and Expenditure
  • Planning of Future Costs and Expenditure